Atlantic Pool Maintenance in Abu Dhabi

If you’re looking for professional swimming pool maintenance services, you’ve come to the right place. Atlantic offers a wide range of services, from water treatment and chemical balance to cleaning and regular checkups. You can hire an expert to monitor your pool’s condition and ensure your family and guests stay safe.

Swimming pool covers

There are many advantages of swimming pool covers for your pool. They can reduce evaporation, maintain the water’s temperature, and prevent algae growth. Additionally, they reduce maintenance costs. This product can be found in many different sizes and shapes, making it easy to find one that fits your pool.

Pool covers can be manually opened and closed, or they can be motorized. If you do not have the time or expertise to open and close the pool cover, you can hire a swimming pool cover company. Typically, these services cost AED 400 to AED 800 per month. These professionals will also check the water level and motorize the cover if necessary.

Safety is a major concern when swimming; pool covers can prevent accidents. They also help prevent debris from blowing into the pool, presenting a drowning hazard. Some safety covers are designed to withstand the weight of several people. Public pools often require them. Regardless, removing a cover when not in use is always a good idea.

Chemical balance

Maintaining the right chemical balance in your pool is essential for cleanliness and safety. There are several things to consider, including chlorine levels in the water and other chemicals. It is recommended to hire a professional pool maintenance company that can make sure everything is running smoothly. This service can also keep the pool crystal clear and safe for swimmers. It will also ensure the proper use of chemicals and proper equipment maintenance.

The chemical balance is important in maintaining your pool, whether you have salt- or chlorine-based pool. An imbalanced pH level can cause health problems and can cause skin and eye irritation. Additionally, an improperly balanced pool can damage your pool equipment.

Cleaning process

To guarantee that your swimming pool remains clean and healthy, you must ensure it is properly maintained. The cleaning process should include the proper use of chemicals. It includes algaecides, clarifiers, enzymes, phosphate removers, stands removers, tile and vinyl cleaners, and pH adjusters. Using these chemicals can help you maintain the pH levels in your swimming pool. You can also use dry acids such as sodium bisulfate. It is a safer option than muriatic acid and is available in solid form.

To maintain the PH level of your pool, you need to test the chemicals in the water. You need to check the PH level, total dissolved solids, and purity levels to do this. The chemicals must be checked and balanced before the cleaning process begins. A service company such as Magic Touch provides a detailed report showing what chemicals you need to maintain your pool. They will also take pictures of your pool to show you what needs to be done.

Safety of guests in the pool

The UAE is committed to ensuring the safety of guests at swimming pools. It has set strict post-COVID-19 guidelines for the operation of public pools, including the regular disinfection of pools and the use of masks. These regulations also mandate regular cleaning and hygiene procedures in closed and common areas of pools. They also demand that all commonly touched objects be sanitized.

Pool owners and operators must install drain covers and multiple drains spaced at least three feet apart. These rules are in place to prevent drownings caused by powerful drainage systems that can pull people underwater.

Cost of routine maintenance

It is important to hire a swimming pool maintenance company if you want your pool to be safe and clean. A professional company can keep your swimming pool free from algae, milky water, microbial contamination, and turbidity. They also have a variety of packages for different swimming pool sizes and types and offer competitive rates. To get a quote, you can fill out an online form.

Routine pool maintenance requires several chemicals. These chemicals can cost anywhere from $10 to $80 per month and will depend on the size, shape, and condition of your swimming pool. If your pool looks its best, you can also opt for a professional company that offers seasonal checkups. They also provide water circulation and backwash water filters.