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How Leslie’s Pool Can Help You Get the Most Out of Your Pool

When it comes to pool maintenance, you must ensure everything is in order. From cleaning to chemical treatments, you’ll need to take the proper steps to ensure your pool looks its best. These tips will ensure you get the most out of your collection and enjoy the summertime. Keep reading to understand more additional about pool maintenance and Leslie’s Pool. It’ll help you avoid costly mistakes that many people make.

Leslie’s Pool

Leslie’s Pool supplies are one of the biggest retailers of swimming pool supplies. It offers all the essential supplies, including chemicals, cleaning devices, equipment, parts, and safety products. It has existed in the industry for over 50 years and has become an American institution.

Cleaning your pool

Regular cleaning is essential for the health of your swimming pool. It helps prevent algae growth and calcium deposits. Different cleaning tools are needed for other surfaces. For concrete pools, use a stiff brush, and for fiberglass and vinyl pools, a softer one. For tiles, use a putty knife or pumice stone.

Chemical treatments

One of the essential parts of proper pool maintenance is using appropriate chemical treatments. These treatments will prevent algae from growing in the pool and make it safer for swimmers. In addition, they are a safe and convenient way to clear your collection in a day or less.


Timers for pool maintenance are a great way to track when to clean your pool. Most come with a dial that allows you to set a temperature for the water, and when the timer is up, the pump will start up and keep your pool free of debris. You can use the timer to control the lights, as well.

Cleaning your pool’s filter

There are several different ways to clean your pool’s filter. One of the easiest is using a garden hose to clean it. Depending on the type of filter, this cleaning process may take just a few minutes or up to a whole day. You can also purchase a cleaning product if the filter is difficult to clean.

Cleaning your pool’s tiles

The first step to cleaning your pool’s tiles is to remove any calcium deposits. You can do this yourself by using a soft-bristle brush. If the buildup is heavy, you can also use a scraper to remove it. However, it’s essential to be gentle when using it, especially if you have glass tiles. Many homeowners also use a pumice stone to clean the tiles, but it’s important to remember that pumice stone can scratch the tile surface. A stiff-bristle brush is a good choice for heavier buildup.

Cleaning your pool’s skimmers

Keeping your pool’s skimmers clean is essential for adequately functioning your pool’s filtration system. Whether you use a cartridge or sand filter, you should regularly clean these components. The first step in cleaning your skimmers is to check the water level. The water should be around half the skimmer’s opening to maintain a constant pressure level. Next, check the filtration system for blockages. If the cartridge filter is dirty or blocked, you may need to replace it. If the filtration system is clogged, the suction will be reduced, and water flow will be inconsistent.

Cleaning your pool’s return lines

Cleaning your pool’s return lines is a must if you want to keep it clean. These lines carry the clean water back to the collection from the filter. When they are clean, the water can flow through the return jets on the pool wall. First, however, you need to repair the problem if you see bubbles. Fortunately, there are several things that you can remove those bubbles.

Pool maintenance Abu Dhabi