Heat cool pump in Sharjah

Choosing the right HVAC equipment for your home is necessary, as it can be costly. Hence, you should purchase one from a certified dealer with minimum maintenance costs. Choosing the proper manufacturer is equally important as getting a high-quality product. Among the leading HVAC equipment manufacturers in U.A.E., Atlantic Pools & Fountains L.L.C abides by the strictest quality standards and provides the best products.

CHP Heat / Cool Pumps

The C.H.P. Heat / Cool Pumps in a building can reduce costs while simultaneously increasing energy efficiency and reducing emissions. This technology can be used to generate heat from high-temperature waste heat. The C.H.P. can also be used to cool buildings in the winter and store cold during the summer. It can potentially reduce maintenance costs by up to 70 percent, and many facilities have installed the C.H.P. Heat / Cool Pumps in Sharjah.

The investment cost for a C.H.P. Heat / Cool Pump is primarily attributed to initial costs. The initial investment cost for an ASHP is relatively low compared to other types of heat pumps. However, the overall capital cost for an ASHP is more expensive than other heat pump systems. Furthermore, the cost of grid reinforcement is higher for ASHPs than conventional boilers.

Ground-source or water-source heat pumps

Water or ground-source heat pumps are an excellent choice for a high-efficiency heating and cooling system. They use stored heat from the earth, which is free of carbon dioxide and other harmful gases. Water-source pumps also require less digging and trenching than their counterparts, so the installation cost is much lower. They also use less energy because they draw their power directly from the ground.

For optimum operation and control, ground-source heat pump systems require a thorough analysis of the temperature response of the ground. Long-term thermal energy storage and inter-seasonal heat transfer can increase the efficiency of a ground-source heating system. Thermal banks in the environment can be efficiently accessed during winter. This feature increases with scale and is most significant for commercial heating systems.


Depending on the weather conditions in your region, you may have to consider the efficiency of an excellent heat pump in Sharjah. Heat pump energy performance is measured in sensible and latent efficiency. Practical efficiency is the energy performance of a heat exchanger in its cooling mode, and latent efficiency is the amount of energy a heat exchanger can recover from the exhaust air.

The commercial category accounted for the largest revenue share in the heating equipment market in the UAE. in 2016. The travel and tourism industry is expected to contribute more than $116.1 billion to the country’s G.D.P. by 2027. Dubai, the most populous city in the UAE., is the financial and tourism capital. In the next few years, the city is expected to host the Dubai Expo 2020, which is expected to increase tourism in the region.


The hospitality industry is driving the U.A.E. market for heating equipment. Dubai is the largest city in the country and is projected to grow to $116.1 billion by 2030, mainly due to the expansion of the hospitality industry. Several projects are underway to attract 20 million visitors to Dubai and ten million to Sharjah annually by 2020. As a result, many new hotels are being built to service these growing numbers.

Heat pumps use a compressor and a circulating structure to move heat from an outside source to indoors. It helps save money by using less electricity than converting heat into cool air. They can also act as an air conditioners during the summer months. While heat pumps are relatively new to the U.A.E., they are still widely adopted in other parts of Europe. Listed below are some of the benefits of heat pumps for your home.