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Swimming Pool Maintenance, Cleaning, and Repair

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In Atlantic Pools & Fountains LLC, our top priority is to excel in the most proficient areas of cleaning, maintaining, and building swimming and fountain pools. By doing this work, we will be able that we can meet the following requirements, which our loyal customers appreciate:

  • Reliability
  • Efficiency
  • Affordability

These qualities allow us to create a solid relationship with our customers. We collectively have been able to develop and innovate in the field of pool cleaning.

Every member of our team is a certified professional with years of experience in the field of swimming maintenance and repairs to pools. You can be confident that we’ll be able to resolve any issue with your Pool that we can tackle.

Affirmed to Excellence & Quality

For many keeping their Pool clean is an obligation. However, for us, it’s love. Every member of our pool techs is here because we’re committed and passionate about the task of keeping a pool clean and seeing our customers be satisfied with our work and are looking forward to having a hot summer afternoon in their sparklingly cool Pool. It is why we’re known to be one of the top companies for pool maintenance in Dubai.

All the Pool Services You’ll Need in One Place.

We recognize the importance of maintaining a clean swimming pool simply because it’s part of our field of research. Maintaining a collection is taking on the responsibility for your health, which is why we take it seriously. For that reason, we provide every service that will ensure the safety of your family or clients. We are Atlantic Pools & Fountains LLC. We can create your ideal pool paradise by designing your Pool and maintaining it to the best standard achievable. We are sure it is best because we are determined and persistent in testing our pools.

  • Maintenance of Swimming Pools
  • Designing and constructing a swimming pool
  • Swimming Pool Contracting
  • Swimming Pool Cleaning

We provide periodic pool servicing.

Weekly, Bi-Weekly, and Monthly Options for Pool Cleaning.

Based on the frequency with which the Pool is utilized, we’ll evaluate and determine the best way to keep your Pool in good condition, whether bi-weekly, weekly, or monthly. The pool tech will ensure that the chemical content of the water safely chlorinates while checking your filters and other equipment and remove the foliage and other things to ensure a clean pool for you to enjoy once more.

Commercial Pool Servicing

Professionally maintain the quality of your Pool to the highest level.

If you’re searching for an honest pool cleaning service with the expertise to guarantee top-quality standards for your fountain or swimming pools at your resort, hotel, or commercial property, If so, you’re in the right spot. Our pool specialists are well-trained and focused on safety which will take all your stress away so you can concentrate on other things. Contact us today at +97143407787, and we will arrange the Maintenance of your Pool for your company.

Building a new Pool

How to Build a Pool Art of Pool Construction

We love to view the pools we construct as works of art. It is the most likely way we’re in a position to improve our techniques and understanding of the entire process of designing and construction process. Our team of experts has an eye for the exact specifications that our clients require, from the color of the tiles to the type of adhesive used that grouts the tiles. Our pool designs meet British standards and offer the potential to construct a variety of styles of pools. Our technicians and designers, whether Vinyl-lined, fiberglass, or granite pools, are prepared for these projects. We also design collections to meet your needs precisely regardless of whether it’s for your private home or public Pool, an event swimming Pool, or even an infinity pool for luxurious resorts.

Selecting the Best Company for Pool Service.

We hope you select Atlantic Pools & Fountains LLC since you’re looking for professionals who pay attention to the specifics of your property or private home. We realize that having an outdoor pool is a significant expense, and we believe that you’re entitled to the benefits you’ve made, so take a look around and let us care for it so that you never need to worry about the water being muddy or anything else less than our high-quality, flawless result. There are other pool businesses in Dubai to select from; however, If you’re searching for a service that will not only provide you with the services you need but also cares for your Pool as if it were an individual property and take care of it like their own, then you’ve found the right company.

What We’ll Do to Keep an Eye on Your Pool

It is vital for anyone who uses the Pool to ensure that the water is maintained safely and healthy. If you take care of it, the Pool and its equipment will remain excellent.

If you have to keep the pool area regardless of size, you’ll need to find a reliable company to clean your Pool. It involves searching your service site for companies to clean the Pool you can trust. Each Pool requires different methods of Maintenance. However, one of the main factors is the specific time of year, mainly because it determines when Dubai air temperatures and humidity change.

We make choices about chemicals and Maintenance to guarantee your Pool’s best chemical balance throughout the year.

Maintenance of the Pool can be divided into five simple steps we take and incorporate into each visit to the Pool.

  1. Balance
  2. Chlorine
  3. Algaecide
  4. Shock
  5. Skim, Brush & Sweep

All of these we carry on our person throughout the day and use following your Pool. We may also use chlorine tablets in your Pool based on the results from testing the testing strip for water.

It is common to start by checking the water balance, and when you’re doing it by yourself, we suggest doing it at least every two or three times a week to ensure that the level of chemicals in your water is safe for you to swim in. After the test, we will chlorinate the water to keep the free-chlorine levels at 4-PPM. It will help your Pool fight viruses, bacteria, and germs, ensuring that your swimming is healthy.

Suppose your Pool’s chlorine levels are deficient, have been subject to an intense dust or rain storm, or have been heavily used. In that case, We may also recommend an additional shock treatment that adds a high chlorine level between 5 and 10 PPM. We typically perform the procedure in the morning or late in the evening because the UV rays from the powerful sun in Dubai can cause the chlorine to be unstable. We ensure that the Pool is at the required levels of chlorine, 4-PPM, before jumping to the surface.

Alongside ensuring the Pool is clean with the proper chlorine levels, it’s also crucial to ensure that algae don’t grow within the Pool. It is something we can be counted on to do.

A pro tip: If your tiles or the swimming pool flooring feel oily, your Pool may have an algae issue.

We employ an algaecide daily to keep algae from growing within your Pool. This way, you don’t need to be concerned about an unpleasant feeling the Pool might give off.

If everything else is completed and in good order, we continue with the sweeping procedure with a skimmer. Also, we will scrub all around your Pool’s perimeter and sweep the floor with a vacuum cleaner every day. Another item we can utilize based on the type of pool water clarity is a water clarifier that helps to trap harmful bacteria by using the filtering device of the Pool. To keep your filter from being damaged by the system, we’ll employ the need for a scale, metal stain control, and metal.

Let Us Take Care of It.

If you’ve learned our process, You don’t have anything to be concerned about. Our team, as is stated, is comprised of pool experts who are passionate about the work they do. It’s the topic we discuss most of the time.

So, forget about your worries by putting your faith in us, and we’ll ensure that you’ll be utterly happy.