Atecpool SalChloro Generator On-site CL Production

The cost-saving, powerful and tailor-made chlorine generator



Atecpool SalChloro Generator includes

  1. Control and Production Box
    Easy to use: The BOOST mode allows to launch an automatic filling program in a natural way or with predefined timetables..
    Convenient: LED status indicator allows to check quickly the facility operating properly (SC35AT and SC70AT).
  2. Production Cells
    Cell lifespan: Long Cell lifespan: cell lifespan is estimated at 10.000 operating hours.
    Cell maintenance warning: after 1000 operating hours, an integrated lamp timer triggers a written message to check plates condition.
  3. Softener
    High filtration capacity: less frequent regeneration due to a higher resin volume.
  4. Saturated brine tank
    Ease of maintenance: wide box opening to add easily and quickly the maximum salt level.
    High storage capacity: to add salt level punctually.
  5. Storage Tank
    UV-treated tank: preserving pure and fresh chlorine.. Free-moving suction: allows hypochlorite suction. Level probe: allows to avoid the dosing pump deactivation.
    Overflow sensor: in case of chlorine overproduction, the sensor automatically switches off the system. Effective maintenance: removable level sensors to facilitate its maintenance or replacement.
  6. Pump
    Consumption optimization: pump injects automatically the perfect brine volume in production cells.
  7. Hydrogen Exhaust System
    H2 alarm: if an anomaly is detected, a safety mode is triggered and automatically switches off the production of chlorine.
  8. Connectivity
    Real-time remote control: Thanks to a SIM card inserted in the system, managers (pool directors, maintenance technicians, hotel managers, etc.) receive real time news and alerts by SMS.
    Remote management: connect pro: Thanks to a simple local network connection, you remotely and real-time centralized information on water quality. Thus, by checking pool parameters on Connect Pro, you significantly reduce your moves



Atecpool SalChloro Generator On-site CL Production