Climatic Water/Water Heat Pump Water Source Heat Pump

Atecpool Climatic Water Source Heat Pump

Water-to-Water Heat Pump is a system of heating or cooling that involves the transfer of heat by a circulating fluid (as water or vapor) in a closed system of pipes. Atecpool Climatic ATWSHP Series for heating includes a special high temperature scroll compressor coupled with heat exchangers designed specifically for water heating, which provides unmatched efficiency and performance. The evaporator is a tube-in-shell heat exchanger that is capable of operation over a wide range of temperatures, and is more rugged than other types of evaporators. The condenser uses a close approach tube-in-shell heat exchanger as well.

Suitable for

  • Pharmacy Industry
  • Gas boilers replacement
  • Dairy Requirement Sterilization
  • Sewage Treatment
  • Desalination Plants


Climatic Series Highlights

  • IEER > High COP: High heat transfer efficiency enables it to have high energy saving performance.
  • Various Applications: Compatible with existing water chillers for hot water & cooling Compatible with existing cooling tower for factory process cooling & hot water
  • Higher ROI: Low cost water heating and free air cooling, flexible installation and combination solution equals to high ROI in the long run.
  • More Reliable: Durable and reliable; the unit can run stably all year around without being affected by ambient temperature.
  • Compact Design & Flexible installation: The multi-connected heat exchanger design makes it compact, thus able to adjust to various installation locations.


Climatic Series Specifications

  • Compact water-to-water heat pump for indoor or outdoor installation.
  • With suction gas cooled scroll compressor.
  • With extensive tube-in-shell Heat Exchanger as tube evaporator and coaxial condenser.
  • Refrigerant cycle with thermostatic expansion valve, filter, gas-liquid separator, high and low pressure switches.
  • With efficient automatic defrosting by hot gas principle.
  • Electric and terminal box, with control and disturbance signaling.
  • Heating regulator for mounting to walls.
  • Refrigerant as R134A.


Water Connections

  • Water connections to be done on site.
  • Heating and condensation connections of flexible pipes with external thread.

Condensation Connections

  • The water connections and the drain pipelines must be protected against frost on sites in freezing climates.
  • It’s always recommended and necessary to insulate the water pipes from W2W to water bodies when there is a long distance between them, to maintaining the heat.



Climatic Water/Water Heat Pump Water Source Heat Pump