Dantherm Dehumidification

CDP Pool Dehumidification – Efficient dehumidification for aggressive environments

Fully automatic operations
The small units are fully automatic. They are supplied with electronic control, built in adjustable hygrostat and a visual display showing the operation modes. The large units are supplied with electronic control and prepared for external hygrostat connection. An electronic module provides a visual display of working modes while the control panel provides push button selection of “air heating” and “continuous fan run”. The control panel can be moved to either side of the unit to suit plant room configuration.



An integral fan draws humid air into the dehumidifier through a filter. Here the air passes through an evaporator, where the water vapour condenses on a cold surface and falls as water droplets, into the drip tray and then into the drain. The cooled air then passes through a condenser and picks up not only the heat equivalent of the previous cooling, but also the heat equivalent of the electrical input to the unit. Consequently, the air leaves the unit drier and several degrees warmer. The repeated circulation of air through the unit reduces the relative humidity, giving very rapid but gentle drying.

In swimming pool halls with large areas of windows, a solution in which the dehumidified and warm supply air is led through pipes under the floor and blown under the windows is a reliable choice. In this way condensing of the windows can be avoided.

Applications CDP and CDP (T)

  • Swimming pools
  • Spas
  • Shower rooms
  • Gymnasiums
  • Larger private pools
  • Hotel pools and spas

Technical data CDP(T) 40/50/70/75/125/165

Which unit to choose in a swimming pool hall depends on the surface area. This graph is intended as a guide only, providing approximate recommendations. The selection of the correct dehumidifier for swimming pool halls requires the consideration of several factors, e.g. air and water temperatures, usage levels and whether a floating cover is used. Please consult your supplier for professional guidance as unit selection should be carried out only by qualified personnel to get an optimum solution.



Flexible installation of the CDP
The CDP units are highly flexible regarding installation. They are designed for installation in plant rooms, with ducted supply and return air grills, but can also be installed directly in the room that needs dehumidification. A range of options are available for the CDP to meet individual requirements, including heating coils, outdoor air connection, wall-mount kit and floor mount kit. The CDP is also available with a water-cooled condenser allowing the excess heat to be used for pool or domestic hot water. The fresh air discharge can be from the top or from the side opposite to the air inlet. Both evaporator and condenser coils are epoxy-coated for higher corrosion resistance.

Features and benefits

  • High quality product manufactured to exact standards
  • Low energy consumption and impressive functionality
  • Silent operation
  • Pleasant design
  • Easy to operate and control
  • Designed to suit any plant room configuration
  • Epoxy-coated coils


Dantherm Dehumidification