Fountain Ring LED – DMX Series

Atecpool Fountain Ring LED Lights – DMX Series

Atecpool DMX Series, DMX controlled light is the top end lighting solution for all animated fountains. The ring lights spot a G 1 1/2” threaded connection at its centre where a nozzle can be directly attached. With a 10mm thick tempered glass cover and a IK rating of 9, the underwater ring light is prefect fixture for dry deck fountains. DMX Series lights can be programmed with DMX512 / RDM signals to dim, colour- change and synchronize to create infinite combinations of kaleidoscopic displays.




  • Housing: Stainless Steel AISI 316 grade.
  • Light Window: step tempered glass. T=10mm.
  • Cable gland: IP-68 PG-11 copper with nickelcoated.
  • PCB: excellent heat conductivity aluminum, coefficient of heat conductivity ≥ 2.0w/mk.
  • Application environment: water temperature between -20Cº ~ 50Cº less than 1 meter depth.
  • Power cable: 3m STW 18AWG
  • IK rate: 9
  • Signal type: DMX512/RDM signal



Fountain Ring LED – DMX Series