MaxChill Series Water Chillers

Ideal for plunge pools and water immersion pools for sports recovery. Atecpool Water Chillers provide low temperatures reaching 10°C for cold water treatment. Anti-Corrosive Titanium Heat Exchanger combined with a R410 refrigerant compressor for low water temperatures.

Working principle

The technology is based on the same principle employed in air conditioners and refrigerators, delivering up to five times more energy than it consumes in electricity. Chillers are designed to give low temperatures to water body by extracting ambient heat from the surrounding air.



MaxChill Components

  • Heat Exchanger made of double spiralled titanium tubes encased in PVC or SS for additional protection against corrosive pool water.
  • Extra-large evaporator coils are designed to collect more cool energy from the outside air to ensure performance in even the most adverse conditions.
  • Large axial fans, with precision engineered blades are used to draw maximum ambient air and pass it on to the evaporator coils



MaxChill Series Water Chillers