MP Series Reactors

UV ranges have been certified NSF 50 and Cryptosporidium evaluated. Testing measures for certification are required standard in order to deliver an optimal efficiency level of microorganisms’ reduction such as bacteria, viruses, Crypto, Giardia, etc. (which are not eliminated by chlorine and ozone at usual level).



Advantages of the MP Range

  • The MP range delivers 60 mJ at the end of the lamps’ life in order to guarantee optimum dechloramination.
  • Treatment of high ow rates.
  • Reactors made from micro-bitted and passivated 316L stainless steel, high resistance to the corrosion.
  • Hydraulic «in line» inlet/outlet connections with nearly nonexistent pressure loss.
  • High power medium pressure and multi wavelength lamps for reducing the number of lamps installed.
  • High frequency electronic ballast.
  • UV sensor with PLC for management of efficiency parameters (in option: remote management via a 4-20mA output) providing a continuous measurement of the UV-C radiance intensity and a control of all operation and maintenance parameters.
  • Temperature sensor within the electrical box and the reactor (in option), flow sensor.
  • Lamp life: 9,000 to 12,000 hours.
  • Power regulation: the medium pressure is the only technology which acts on the 3 chloramines (mono-, di- and trichloramines) and which avoids risks of THM’s increases.
  • MP TS Range: Touch Screen.

MPTS Series

  • TS for touch screen
  • Manual or automatic wiper available

MPL Series

  • No wiper option


MP Series Reactors