Vitrage 12 LED Underwater Light – Asymmetrical

Vitrage 12 LED Light, complete body construction in AISI 316 Stainless Steel supplied with an ABS niche specially designed for your Pool & Spa. Waterproof IP68. Available in cool white, warm white, blue and RGB.




  • Made of Stainless Steel AISI 316
  • Gasket made in EPDM
  • Tempered Glass T=9 mm
  • Reflector: Optical lens, efficiency ≥85%
  • Cable gland: IP-68 PG-11 copper with nickel-coated
  • Single or RGB (3 in 1) LED
  • Mounting sleeve in PVC
  • PCB: Excellent heat conductivity aluminium, coefficient of heat, Conductivity ≥ 2.0w /mk. Constant current output.
  • Water temperature -20°C to 40°C less than one meter depth
  • Power cable: H05RN-F 2 X 0.75 mm2 L = 2 m (12VAC low voltage). H05RN-F 4 x 0.75 mm2 L = 2 m (RGB type)
  • DMX / DALI controls compatible Vitrage series upon request