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Sauna Accessories

Heater guard

Wall mounted heater guard
6.6-8 kW. Code: 9000 1002
10.7-20 kW. Code: 9000 1012

Ventilation Hatch B

Fits over the air outlet inside the sauna to regulate air flow. Size: 14 x 37.5 cm. Code: 9018 1036

Ventilation Grille B

Size: 14×22 cm. Code: 9018 1040

Fixed Headrest

Headrest made of narrow wooden slats. Size: 37.5x27x8cm.
Alder: code 9008 1016
Aspen: code 9008 1014

Strip package

Contains three strips of light aspen, measuring 12 x 43 x 2400 mm. Suitable as a door lining, internal or external ceiling strip, etc. Code: 9103 1575


Suitable for DGB and DGL doors with door widths 7 and 8. Size: 30 x 92 mm. DGL/DGB width 7 Spruce. Code 9103 1560 DGL width 7 Aspen. Code 9103 1561

Legs for Sense

Legs for all Sense sauna heaters. Color black. Sense 6/8/10. Code: 9000 1060
Sense Combi 6/8/10. Code: 9000 1061

Steam distributor commercial

The Tylo Steam Distributor Commercial improves the distribution of steam in your sauna room. Specially designed for the sauna heater Sense Commercial 10-20kW.
Code: 9002 9263

Essential Oils

100% essential oils. Release invigorating scents in your sauna. 10 ml/bottle.
Eukalyptus: Code: 9002 4080 Peppermint: Code: 9002 4084 Lavender: Code: 9002 4082
Citrus: Code: 9002 4086
Fragrance Collection, 4-PACK 10 ml/bottle. Code: 9002 4100

Concentrated Fragrances

For earlier models of Tylö Sauna Fresh and Stream Fresh. 250 ml/bottle.
Eukaliptus: code 9002 4060
Peppermint: code 9002 4064
Lavender: 9002 4062
Citrus: 9002 4066

Essential Oils

Concentrate of natural fragrances specially produced for our Tylö Fresh fragrance dispenser for saunas and steam baths. 250 ml/bottle.
Eukalyptus: Code: 9002 4040
Peppermint: Code: 9002 4044
Lavender: Code: 9002 4042
Citrus: Code: 9002 4046

Tylo Sauna Stones

Natural stones of black diabase that tolerate rapid heating and cooling. Tylö Sauna stones 20 Kg small size for wall heaters. Code: 9014 1000

Tylö Sauna stones 20 kg big size for floor heaters. Code: 9014 1050

Dark Accessories

Hygrometer Code: 9015 2778
Bucket Code: 9015 2772
Ladle Code: 9015 2774

Premium Pro

These are products to chose if you have a professional sauna or just want really high quality products that lasts.

Shower Barrel

10-litre shower barrel with automatic water refill for a refreshing cool-down after your sauna.
Height with chain: 630 mm.
Code: 9002 9050

Classic Accessories

Wooden Sauna Accessories
Bucket Code: 9004 1022
Ladle Code: 9012 1022
Hygrometer/Thermometer Code: 9015 2813
Thermometer Code: 9015 2823


Steam and heat-resistant design.
Speaker B For surface mounting.
Size 230 x 145 mm, depth 165 mm. Code: 9080 3002
Supplied in pairs.

External Switch 12V

On/off switch to control the sauna from locations other than where the control panel is installed. Fits Elite and Pure. Code: 9090 8048

Transformer LED 0-20W

200-240 V ~/12VDC. Max. load 20W. NB: The transformer must always be installed outside the sauna. Suitable for E90, E28 and LED light strip. LED transformer dimmable on the secondary side. Code: 9090 1030

Transformer LED 6-18W

LED TRANSFORMER 230V~/ 18-52 VDC. Max. load 18 W. Dimmable. NB: The transformer must always be installed outside the sauna. Suitable for Tylö LED downlights. IP class 21. Code: 9090 1024

RGB Lighting

Ready-made package containing LED strip RGB 2 x 1.91 m, transformer and remote control. Code: 9001 1360

Door Contact

Prevents unintentional start-up of the sauna by remote control if the sauna door is open.
Code: 9090 8035

LED Downlights

Downlight with Halogen LED adapter. Code: 9001 1098

Ruben Sky LED

programmes or the option of creating your own programme with as many as 20 colour changes. Cable connections, 180mm mounting sleeves and electronic equipment are included.

Sauna LED Lighting

Includes lighting strips and transformer. Can be installed either inside or outside the sauna (not in the ceiling). Warm-white glow. Voltage 12 V. IP 54. Transformer LED 12 V DC 20 W.

Sauna Lamp 40W

For wall mounting. White lamp holder E14. IP 55. Max 40 W. Diameter 90 mm, height 170 mm. Code: 9001 1000

LED Strip Light

Developed to allow for more subtle lighting effects. 12 V DC. Dimmable. Warm white 3000K.

Lighting Tube

Installed behind the backrest for pleasant, subdued lighting in sauna or steam room. Can be cut to size. 12 V. Connect to 12 V transformer. IP 65.

Sauna Led Lights

The set includes 12 LED lamps with silver heads, 4.5 metres of cable to each lamp, and the adapter. The colour of the lighting is warm white. The lighting has the property of directed emission with the scattering angle of 35. Code: 3815005-12

Emergency Push Button

The emergency button allows to switch off the sauna heater via the overheating safety circuit. Isolation voltage AC/DC: 250 V Max current AC: 5 A Max current DC: 2,5 A. Code: 945777E

Opus 100 H175

Sauna lamp for wall. G9, 40W, Sauna luminaire. Mounted on ceiling. Grey base, E27, 40W. 230V IP 57. Clear glass, Ø 100mm, height 175mm. Code: 9001 1093

LED Downlight

For ceiling installation. Warm white glow (3200-3500 K), 1.2 W output. Height 30 mm, ø 60 mm. Supplied in pairs including transformer to handle up to 7 downlights. IP class 68.

Doors for Sauna Rooms

All sauna doors offered by Helo are produced following all safety regulations and customers expectations. Thermo treated glass is been used in production, which is five times stronger than the usual glass. In order to avoid bending of the jambs due to fluctuation of temperature, all the jambs are made of knot-free glue-laminated birch or alder. Doors can be mounted left or right hinged. The glass is 8mm toughened safety glass.