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Everyone with a backyard pool should have fun splashing in a sparkling pool on a scorching summer day. The process isn’t easy and can be overwhelming and time-consuming, leaving you unmotivated to keep the water in your pool sparkling; it’s an essential aspect of maintaining your pool since everyone would want to be swimming in a pool contaminated by bacteria, germs and possible illnesses. Your pool requires a professional committed to your family members’ safety and health. At ASP America’s Swimming Pool Company Abu Dhabi, we provide you with the services to clean your pool and safeguard you and your family. Our pool specialists are educated, skilled and licensed to take care of the cleaning process and make the experience of being a pool owner enjoyable.

Why is it Important to Keep Swimming Pool Clean?

The water in your swimming pool should be clear and crystal-clear, indicating an essentially germ-free atmosphere. However, unclean water could make a toxic environment for your loved ones and family and lead to severe health issues.

What Happens if You Don’t Keep Your Pool Clean?

It’s a shame to have a beautiful pool in your backyard which isn’t well-maintained. It’s more than just a minor inconvenience. A dirty pool can become a breeding place for harmful bacteria that could cause a variety of health problems as well as aggravate chronic illnesses.

In addition, a pool that is not clean could cause:

Create blots on the surface of your pool. They can also irritate your eyes.

Degrade pool filters and pumps, which can cause components to fail

They contain a variety of viruses and bacteria that can cause hospitalization.

Serious health issues include nose, ear and throat infections.

Other elements, such as waterborne microorganisms in the air and synthetic lotions and oils, could affect the pool water quality. It is why regular cleaning and maintenance of your pool will help keep harmful contaminants from entering and staying swimming pool.

How Often Do I Have to Clean my pool?

We suggest you clean your pool at least each week, especially in the summer when it is most used. Use the proper instruments and chemicals to clean your pool and ensure a proper pH level.

Professional swimming pool Cleaning Service provider Abu Dhabi

Cleaning your pool is a matter of paying care to detail and the appropriate equipment for the job. Not all indeed have the time or money to properly clean the pool or are aware of the signs that a clean-up is past due. In the case of your pool maintenance, your pool will present numerous signs to indicate that you should hire a professional to assist.

Discoloured Water

One of the clearest indicators your pool must maintain is water discoloration. If your water isn’t handled correctly or regularly using the appropriate combination of chemicals, it may be affected by algae and other pollutants that alter the color. The color of your pool can be green, brown or brown or anything other than clear is a clear indication an expert cleaning service is required.

Bugs, Bugs, and More Bugs

The bacteria is not the sole thing living in your swimming pool. Bugs are known to make ways to get around in the water and can even accidentally enter. Sitting in their swimming pool to observe bugs enjoying an outdoor day is unpleasant. Bugs like mosquitoes, beetles, gnats, a few tiny red pool mites, and many others can be found in your pool, causing an unclean and dirty atmosphere. The most useful method to go about it is to reach out to any of our specialists to eliminate all the bugs.

Irritation to Eyes and Skin

Eye irritation and skin irritations are normal when swimming and keeping your eyes open while underwater. But, it is possible to develop severe skin conditions known as “hot tub rash” from dirty water that remains on the skin for a long time. Pseudomonas Aeruginosa is a frequent source of adverse reactions to water from pools, particularly when the water isn’t properly treated and chemically balanced.


Scaling refers to the accumulation of inorganic materials found on the surface of pool tiles or stone, fiberglass, and other hard surfaces. Normally, it’s an indication that pH, calcium, or alkaline levels in your swimming pool are high. Cleaning your pool profession can reduce the risk of problems.

Bubbles or Foam in the Water

The appearance of foam or bubbles over the top of the water in your pool may look exciting. However, this is simply a sign that your pool is in strong surface tension due to the:

  • They can neutralize sunblock lotion, soap, or sunblock.
  • A high percentage of surface germs, bacteria, and fungi
  • Unbalanced chemical reaction (having excessive or few chemicals)

Cleaning My Pool on My Own Vs. Professional Swimming Pool Cleaning Services in Abu Dhabi

There’s nothing wrong with taking the DIY way to clean your pool. We recommend knowing a little about your pool maintenance as a pool manager to ensure you maintain your pool if the experts aren’t around. It’s good to know that ASP America’s Swimming Pool Company is there anytime you require us. However, we know the particular chemical levels that can help you save time and money while also helping you avoid injuries or accidents.

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