If you plan to build a swimming pool in Sharjah, you should know all the rules and regulations regarding this activity. The Sharjah Municipality has recently announced fines for those who fail to follow the regulations regarding swimming pools. The city’s Health Control Department will oversee swimming pools at private schools and sports clubs. A swimming pool in Sharjah requires a special licence from the Municipality’s Technical Affairs Department.

In Sharjah, you can also visit the Novotel hotel, which has an outdoor infinity pool. It also features an indoor temperature-controlled pool. The swimming pool at this hotel is just a short drive from the city’s renowned Dubai malls and the Expo Centre. You can also relax in the pool after a challenging workout in the gym. You can swim laps in the swimming pool at the Novotel Sharjah, which has two outdoor and one indoor swimming pool.

Apart from the swimming pool, other facilities and activities for children at the health club. A swimming pool at a sports club usually has training pools for athletes. These facilities require lifeguards and trainers. The Public Authority for Youth Welfare and Sports also requires these facilities to have a licence before they can operate. In addition, children under four years of age can take swimming classes at these pools. They can also learn to swim with a private instructor.

Whether you have a commercial pool in Sharjah or own a residential collection, it is essential to maintain it to keep it looking its best. Without proper maintenance, your swimming pool will quickly become a green, algae-filled swamp. Finding a Sharjah Swimming Pool Contractor is also essential to help you maintain the structure. Besides, these contractors can also provide pool cleaning and repairs.