Pool Services is your go company to call for assistance with pool maintenance specializing in pool repair. We repair all equipment and accessories for pools, such as pump heaters, pool heaters, and filters, as well as salt systems. From minor Swimming pool repair to more extensive ones, our team is equipped to handle each one. We use modern technology for our repair services to finish our job efficiently. Our company utilizes only the highest quality, guaranteed parts.

Swimming pool MOTORS AND PUMPS

Motors and pool pumps are intricate and can malfunction. If your motor or pump is louder than usual or makes a peculiar sound, It is most likely that they require repair. Our technicians can pinpoint the mechanical issues that affect motors and pumps and resolve them promptly. Let us find the root of the issue.

Swimming pool LEAKS

Don’t let a leaking pool make your water bill go through the roof. If you suspect your pool is leaking, then contact us immediately. The ideal time to fix leaks is before it gets worse. Water can be destructive, and we’ll make protecting your pool our primary concern.

Swimming pool HEATERS

The heaters in your pool must be maintained to ensure they are in good shape. Our techs can assist if your heater cannot come on or seems not to be heating water. We’re familiar with the various models and makes of heaters for pools and can offer solutions to your issue. Let us help you get the water in your swimming pool back to the level you would like.

Swimming pool SALT Systems

A salt system keeps the pool water clean and safe to swim in. If you check your pool’s water and find that it’s not chlorinated, you’ve got an issue to deal with. Salt build-up can create problems for these systems. Don’t hesitate to contact us to schedule an appointment.

Other REPAIR SERVICES for Swimming pool

If the issue is with the pool, we will fix it. Repairing automatic chlorinators, frozen guards, and pool controllers to solve a problem with water quality, our staff has the experience and expertise to help you. If you’ve got a minor issue that requires repair of your skimmer or valve replacements, or the issue is more serious, like leaks or water from your green pool, Contact us.

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