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Affecting up the home with an indoor pool

Affecting up the home with an indoor pool

The couple began researching businesses in the region that could fulfill their requirements—looking for a firm that was well-known and experienced in the field. The couple needed to locate a firm to manage the entire project, eliminating the requirement for separate contractors. The Green’s extensive research and connections to the local area brought them towards Atlantic Pools & Fountains.

Atlantic Pools & Fountains Is the Future

Fahadh called Atlantic Pools & Fountains and set up an appointment. “It was really nice to see the proprietor of the company taking an individual interest. He was very clear about things and his guidance was excellent. They organized an onsite visit for us, so that we could gain a sense about the work they’d before completed. This helped us decide to go with them”. Fahadh also connected with a local acquaintance who lived in the same area and had the experience of Atlantic Pools & Fountains. The friend had recently moved into a residence with Atlantic Pools, and a Fountains pool was installed. He still makes use of them to keep the pool in good condition. He offered Atlantic Pools & Fountains a highly recommended recommendation.

Finding It Right

Atlantic Pools & Fountains worked with The Green family to create their ideal pool. At the beginning of the consultation phase, Fahadh and his spouse discussed their plans with Andrew Ginger. The pool was an addition to the house and had to match their exterior home. The collection needed not to be a focal point; however, inside, they wanted an elegantly modern and contemporary look. Fahadh

She adds: “We drew a lot of ideas from images of other luxury pools and I utilized these to show Atlantic Pools & Fountains and the architect what we were looking for.”

The couple was looking for a bright and spacious space. Iridescent tile that reflects sunlight perfectly both create the luxury feel. Apart from creating a tranquil space with a spa, it was important for Fahadh that he had access to the pool to keep up his fitness. The room for an Olympic-size pool wasn’t there, so Fahadh decided to build the swim jets to create a feeling of resistance while swimming and provide the opportunity to exercise more vigorously.

The final element proved the most difficult to settle about: “We wanted to put up marble walls. However, the tiles we selected were costly and heavy. It was challenging to carry and install during the building. Atlantic Pools & Fountains talked about possible alternatives as well as we managed to locate a specific marble tile that was a bit smaller.in terms of size, but this is more practical.”

Brilliant Builders

The pool took eight months to build, in which the couple was informed of the progress. It was clear that the Atlantic Pools & Fountains team could be reached to discuss the pool whenever they wanted to, as well as regular meetings to discuss the final touches and other crucial decisions as they progressed.

Fahadh was very impressed by the construction crew. Even though they were undertaking a large construction project, they managed to keep the disruption to a minimum. They also did not cause any damage to green property until necessary. It allowed them to keep the property safe throughout. “The team was fantastic. They kept the place as tidy as possible and were all very friendly. Once you’ve overcome the fear that your house will be chaotic for a couple of months, it’s the most exciting aspect of the job when you start watching your new pool take the form”.

Life At Atlantic Pools Fountains

Fahadh and his entire family could not be more pleased with the space they’ve built: “I’ve always used swimming to exercise. I used to go to the local hotel three times per week before we had the pool built, which was difficult when I was working late. Nowadays, I utilize the pool five times per week, and when my family visit, they’ll have an amazing space for recreation and enjoyment. Particularly our daughter, who is three years old and enjoys splashing about when she goes to the pool.”

Fahadh considers it to be more than just a pool; it’s more of part of the house: “The good thing about the area is that it’s a space that is it’s own. Even though my wife and I may have different priorities regarding the pool, I generally utilize it for exercise, and she’ll use it to relax. It’s also a wonderful area to unwind and enjoy a drink or read books. Our guests are amazed by the intricate layout!”



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