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Different types of Swimming Pools

Different types of swimming pools in Abu Dhabi

There are various kinds of swimming pools, and they are named following their uses. Swimming pools may be private, public, infinity or competition, exercise, natural swimming pools, swimming ponds, oceans and hot tubs, and spas.

Public Pools

The public pools usually form part of a larger leisure facility or recreation centre. They typically include more than one pool that accommodates guests with different preferences for swimming. It could also include the option of a spa sauna and pool. Hotels and resorts often have public pools as part of their leisure facilities available to guests. Some have natatoriums pools located in separate buildings with facilities for related activities. In tropical regions, outdoor pools are popular. There are also large pools with an underwater diving board on one end above the water. The pools must be deep enough that divers won’t be hurt.

Private Pools

Since private pools are utilized solely by a select few, These pools typically are larger than those of public use. Private or home pools are often built-in or erected above the ground. The most common types of inground pools include concrete, fibreglass, and vinyl liner. Above-ground or on-ground pools are popular in regions where excavation is difficult because of freezing ground.

Infinity – Different types of swimming pools in Abu Dhabi

Infinity pools, also known as an edge that disappears or a negative edge, give an illusion of water that extends beyond the horizon before disappearing or reaching infinity. The illusion is most effective when there is an elevation shift.


Swimming pools used for competitions are typically inside and heated for use at any time of the year to better comply with the requirements concerning temperature, lighting and other tools. The International Swimming Federation establishes the standard of competition in swimming pools. The pool should be at least 25 meters (> 80 feet) or 50 meters.


Exercise pools are also known as swimming machines, swimming systems, and spas. These are just rare examples of various kinds that are used for resistance.
Natural Swimming Pools

Natural swimming pools attempt to duplicate the environment of natural swimmable lakes, which are healthy, non-polluted and ecologically balanced bodies of water. The water of NSPs is completely free of chemicals, which makes it ideal for swimming in. The water’s disinfection is accomplished through the help of biological filters and plants planted within the system.


Ocean pools gained popularity during the 20th century, particularly in UAE. Lidos or ocean pools in UAE were formed by enclosing a portion of the rock wall where the water flows through the pools or via constant flooding on the side of the pool at high tide.

Spas as well as Hot Tubs

Spas and hot tubs can be typically located in fitness centres or the pool area. These are heated pools utilized to relax and for therapy.

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