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How do you choose the best SWIMMING POOL GLASS

How do you choose the best SWIMMING POOL GLASS?

How to Choose the Perfect swimming pool glass tile

Glass tile has been among the most sought-after designs for swimming pools in Sharjah recent years. With a myriad of designs and shapes, colors, and patterns available on the market, you will likely find one that will turn your backyard into a masterpiece. With so many options, we frequently find that our customers ask many questions before making a choice. We have decided to write this post, ‘ How to Choose the Right Pool Glass Tile.’ Pool Glass Tile to simplify the process of selecting a tile.

There are a variety of things homeowners of pools should consider when choosing glass tiles. We’ve separated several crucial topics and offered suggestions on what to think about.


The choices for color and design are endless. It is recommended to take your time at the decision phase to study. Whatever style, size, or color you pick, make sure you consider your style and the space you’re using. If you are a fan of bright colors, glass tile will surely provide you with numerous choices. Those who prefer a monochromatic look and want to match the tile with the decking’s colors may be more appropriate for you.

Transparent glass tiles typically reflect the light. Tiles with mosaics are acceptable, while iridium-coated tiles feature reflective iridescence. These tiles are translucent and transparent. Let you be able to see the setting materials behind the tiles. Selecting an antique or white thin-set is essential to ensure the tile’s original shade. The grout color must match for a consistent look.

The most commonly used sizes we put on our pools are 1″ 1″ x 1″ and 1″ 2″. There are different sizes you can choose from depending on your style.


It is also essential to think about the location you would like glass tiles in your pool or waterscape. Glass is extremely slippery, so placing the tile on top of steps is not advised. We suggest a tile with no sharp edges if you’re installing glass tiles in a whirlpool spa. Grout is prone to wear and results in cuts while using the tiles. One quick test is to apply your hands over a non-grouted sample. If you feel rough edges prickling at your hand, you will experience the same sensation on the seat of your whirlpool.

We suggest using glass tiles to accentuate an impressive visual effect or focal feature. The placement of glass tile around the edges of a pedestal spa or the water features walls will create an attractive appearance. Combining stone with Glass is also very popular. You can consider using glass accents with travertine tile within an elevated space as an option. These are cost-effective ways to incorporate glass tile into your project while controlling your budget.


The glass tile installation is more labor-intensive and costs more than other tiles like porcelain or ceramic. The additional work is due to the necessity for glass tiles to be cut manually and cut into pieces that it is not possible to use as a complete tile employed. To create an elastic product, certain setting materials must be used with glass tile.


There are a variety of types of glass tiles on the market. Like all other items, quality plays an essential role in the price. The most affordable options are made glass tiles made in China. The more costly tiles usually originate out of Italy as well as Spain. The price of glass tiles varies widely, and each has its advantages. To summarise, the most critical elements that affect costs are:

  • tile quality
  • how tiles are made
  • where the tile is made (consider the cost of shipping)
  • Color choice (you may even purchase glass tiles with gold-colored specifications)




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