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How to Save Money on Pool Maintenance in Sharjah

To install a swimming pool in your home or office, you must know the pool maintenance cost in Pool maintenance in Sharjah. However, there are some essential tips that you can follow to keep your pool clean and safe all year long. If you want to save money on pool maintenance in Sharjah, you can also take advantage of various available services. Listed below are some of the options you can choose from.

Cost of pool maintenance in Sharjah

Having a pool can be a lot of fun, but it can quickly turn into a green swamp if you don’t take care of it properly. You’ll want to contact a Sharjah swimming pool maintenance service to avoid this. The experts at H&G can care for water treatments, plumbing, electrical, and cleaning issues. They can also provide regular checkups, water circulation, and backwashing water filters. H&G offers a monthly maintenance package for as little as AED 460.

While swimming pool maintenance is relatively inexpensive in Sharjah, keeping your water clean and sanitary is essential. It is done by covering the pool and avoiding the risk of evaporation. Additionally, if the water leaks, it can result in wasting a lot of water. In addition, a cracked shell could also lead to water leakage, letting bacteria and other contaminants enter the pool.

The pool maintenance cost in Sharjah is variable and depends on factors like the size, type, and amount of chlorination. A monthly package can be as low as AED 400 per week. A weekly package with two visits will cost approximately AED 1,800 per month. Maintenance should include running the filter, emptying the skimmer basket, and keeping the water level moderate. The water level should be between the middle and upper thirds of the pool, and the PH level should be within the proper range.

In addition to the initial construction costs, you must also factor in the price of landscaping around the pool. Adding a green lawn or fancy wooden deck can add to the charges. Hiring a construction consultant could cost as much as AED 6000. Most construction companies will also require an upfront security fee. If you plan on installing a pool in an existing villa, expect to pay extra for extra work.

For the best service, consider opting for an annual maintenance contract. This service will include complete emergency services, such as electrical and plumbing work and windows and doors inspection. For Dh1,500 to Dh6,000, an annual contract can consist of various services, including plumbing and electrical works, window and door inspection, water tank cleaning, and more. You can also opt for a fixed fee service to guarantee better quality.

Regardless of your pool type, a properly maintained one increases the value of your property. It is also essential to remember that summer in Dubai can be brutal. Consequently, pool water can quickly become unbearably hot. Water coolers can provide an incredible swimming experience, but they can add an extra 15k to 20k to your maintenance costs and your DEWA bill. If you’re planning on having a pool, contact a Sharjah swimming pool maintenance service for more information.

Keeping a swimming pool clean throughout the year

One of the most important aspects of keeping a swimming pool clean throughout the year is adding the correct amount of chemicals. If you don’t count the right amount, your collection can harbor bacteria and appear murky. It will not be safe to swim in, but it could also damage your equipment. You should test the water at least once a week, or more often if possible. However, you can skip this step during the winter if you don’t have time. A test every two to three weeks will do the trick.

While you can hire professionals to clean your swimming pool, it may not be in your best interest. Professionals have years of training and are equipped to handle various problems. They will use the proper chemicals and equipment and follow a set schedule. This way, you’ll get consistent care all year round. And if you’re on a tight budget, you can still keep your pool clean and healthy by following a few simple steps.

Cleaning the filter is an essential part of keeping a swimming pool clean. The amount of water that goes through the filter depends on the type. Chemical cleaners are available for most filters. Regular hardware checks will also prevent significant repairs. So, following these tips every week is crucial for a clean, crystal clear pool. If you’re having trouble cleaning your filter, you may consider shocking your pool every few weeks.

Leaving your pool untouched after summer will not only make it a mess come spring, but it can also damage its internal systems. To prepare for the cold months, you can deep clean the pool, including backwashing the filter and shocking water. Also, you should drain excess water from the plumbing lines. Once you’re done with these steps, you can install a winter cover and begin the spring cleaning process.

Keeping a swimming pool clean throughout the years will ensure that you use the proper chemicals to keep your collection neat and safe. Without regular cleaning, your pool can become a breeding ground for bacteria and mold. It will reduce the use of your pool. Use pool chlorine tablets to combat bacteria and mold to keep it clean and safe. And remember, even if you’re not an expert in pool maintenance, regular cleaning will help your pool last longer and look as good as new!

Weekly vacuuming is another essential task. You should perform this at least once a week, but if possible, do it more often. The filter doesn’t remove all debris from the water, and particles that fall to the bottom will stay there. Manual vacuuming can be tedious, and robotic cleaners make the job a breeze. So, what’s stopping you from using your pool for the rest of the year?

Keeping a swimming pool safe

The emirate has implemented strict regulations aimed at ensuring all pools have lifeguards. Those lacking in staff will be sanctioned with fines, penalties, and temporary bans from operating. Health control department inspectors will ensure that lifeguards are licensed and have good knowledge of the most effective lifesaving methods. However, residents in towers with swimming pools say that they do not have a dedicated lifeguard and that guards monitor the collections as part of their rounds.

Residents of residential towers with swimming pools ask the municipality to increase inspections. The dismal state of the collection in Nour Omar’s building affects her rent because it is an extra luxury. She also complained that the cost of the pool does not reflect the quality of the service. According to Zayenab Al Sayed, supervisor of a residential swimming pool, improperly treated water can cause skin diseases and rashes.

Regular checks of pH levels, calcium hardness, and alkalinity are required every 15 days. Water samples should be sent to a lab every two months to check for bacteria and other microorganisms. Building management should maintain a systematic record of water quality tests. Residents of residential buildings should continually question the quality of the water. As with any other swimming pool, proper maintenance will ensure that the collection remains a safe place for swimming and fun.

Swimming pool maintenance services charge a fee of AED 400-800 per month and can visit the pool twice a week. A professional company can motorize the pool cover and optimize the water levels in the pool. They will also handle other aspects of swimming pool maintenance like cleaning, desilting, and algae removal. However, swimming pool maintenance can be expensive if you are not knowledgeable and skilled enough to perform such tasks.

Maintaining chemical levels in a pool is crucial to keep it clean. While chlorine is necessary to keep the water clean, hot weather will dissolve chlorine faster than in cooler climates. Proper pH, sanitizer balance, and alkalinity levels should be checked regularly. Appropriate pH levels are crucial for motors and equipment. A pool owner should also regularly clean filtration equipment. The water pH level should be at 1.5 to two ppm.

Keeping a swimming pool safe in Sharjah requires proper water treatment. To keep the water in the pool clean and free of harmful bacteria, it is essential to consult a swimming pool specialist. Arabian Pools, a leading swimming pool maintenance company in the UAE, offers personal consulting, planning, execution, and future maintenance. For more information, contact the Arabian Pools team today.



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