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In-Ground Swimming Pool Guide

Personal swimming pools can seem overwhelming. In-ground and submerged pools are two of the most appealing options for pool installation. In-ground pools are made of fiberglass, gunite, and vinyl liner. Fiberglass pools are a popular choice. Fiberglass pools are a budget-friendly option that is easier to maintain and lower cost. Although you cannot shape the pool’s perimeter, fiberglass territory allows for faster installation and less cleaning time.

Gunite application is another method of pool installation. The pool’s surface is coated with gunite, made of cement and sand. It gives you almost unlimited possibilities for different pool shapes that can be customized to fit the backyard of each homeowner. Gunite installation can take anywhere from 8-12 weeks and may require higher premiums. Gunite pools can allow concrete to mix with water. It will alter the pH level and need additional chemicals to be added to the water to compensate for the concrete’s offset. Many homeowners pay more for greater flexibility and appeal by creating other features, such as stairs built into the fiberglass pool frame.

Vinyl liner pools allow for vinyl to be applied to their interior. It protects the structure from algae buildup. Vinyl liner pools will have reduced flexibility because of the unique shapes that are often not compatible with many of the pool’s perimeters. Vinyl liners for pools can be affected by pH levels and chemical contents. Various chemicals will accumulate on the liner, bleaching, discoloring, or compromising its integrity over time.

Vinyl liners are also susceptible to leakage. A Wet Patch kit is often necessary to repair any breaches found between the layers of vinyl. In addition, a Leak Detection official can help determine any suspected leakage’s integrity. There are many aspects to believe in when choosing the right pool for your environment. However, there are many choices available.

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