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Inspiring Music and Water Fountain Dance at AtlanticPNF

We are all aware of the best fountain show that happens in the Dubai Mall, One of the biggest malls in the world. This is where millions of people from all over the country come to enjoy the moment. The show is a well-orchestrated music and dance fountain that starts in the evening time. The idea behind the music and dance fountain is to entertain the people and it helps to attract a large audience. Such types of fountains can be placed in malls or public areas.
The demand for dance and music fountains is increasing due to its popularity. The fountain creates an entertaining and soothing atmosphere for all. It’s a great show the kids and adults can enjoy together.

There’s nothing more relaxing than staying by the side of the water. This makes music and dance fountains to be a spot where people can enjoy and relax at the same time. The music enchants people while the dance fountain is fun to watch. Both the combinations give a grand show which is quite a hype in public places. The technique of this fountain is different from the normal fountains.

The difference between the normal fountain VS the dancing fountain:

Normal Fountain:

A regular fountain is characterized by its steady and predictable water jets. It creates a serene and elegant ambiance, with water gracefully cascading or shooting upwards in a consistent manner.

Musical Fountain:

On the other hand, a dancing fountain is a dynamic spectacle. It choreographs water jets to move in sync with music or programmed patterns. The water dances to the rhythm, creating a mesmerizing display of synchronized movement and changing formations. The interplay of water, light, and sound transforms the dancing fountain into a vibrant and enchanting show.

Control System:

A sophisticated control system is developed to synchronize the water movement, lighting effects, and music. This system can be computerized and programmable, allowing operators to create intricate and precisely timed shows.

How are musical dance fountains made?

The fountains are a total treat to watch. What’s even better is how entertaining they are! But all of the credit goes to the creation of the fountain. If you are curious to know how they are made. Let’s dive deeper!

There are different steps involved in the process of making musical dance fountains:

1. Planning & Designing

The process begins with designing the layout of the fountain. This is a crucial stage where everything has to be planned properly. Then taking into consideration the available spaces, searching for the water source, and finally the surrounding environment. There is also detailed planning that involves deciding on the number and arrangement of water jets. Without the water jets, it is not possible to create a beautiful dancing fountain. Also, make sure that the water jets are of premium quality for longer lasting. The positioning of speakers and lighting fixtures should be carefully handled as it is delicate when placing them.

The process begins with conceptualizing the design of the musical dance fountain. This includes deciding on the layout, the number and arrangement of water jets, the lighting elements, and the type of music that will be synchronized with the water movements.

2. Water jets & nozzles

The use of water jets and nozzles is adjusted to achieve the different water patterns and heights. The jets are strategically placed to create a desired choreography while the show happens. It is in the making of the fountain how they are going to look when operated. The speed of the water jets can also be adjusted along with the frequency of the water flow. After all, the desired result is to perfect the harmony between the music and the water jets. With proper adjusting of the fountain nozzles, it will enable synchronization.

3. Hydraulic Engineering:

Engineers design the hydraulic system that controls the water flow and movement of the fountain. This involves calculating water pressure, flow rates, nozzle sizes, and jet angles to achieve the desired choreography of water patterns.

4. Pump system

High-performance pumps are essential for providing the necessary water pressure to achieve impressive musical fountain heights and intricate patterns. The water pumps should be strong enough to keep the capacity. The fountain show will involve a lot of water being jet sprayed at a longer distance at various angles. Without a stronger pump, the dancing fountains are not possible. These pumps are carefully selected based on the fountain’s design and requirements.
Choosing the right pump system is the foundation of creating a dancing fountain.

5. LED Lightings

For creating stunning visual effects, the LED lights come into action. It is integrated into the system to create a beautiful scene when the water dance occurs. The lights can change the color and intensity. Which allows enhancing the visual impact of the fountain’s performance. Choosing LED lights also saves energy as the LEDs are created to save more electrical energy. The LED lights are quality lights in terms of choosing the lighting. The lights look more stunning at night when the water dances along with the music and lights. This is where the magic happens and everyone enjoys an incredible light show. The lights are the main hero in the dancing fountain.

5. Music Synchronization

A sophisticated control system synchronizes the water jet’s movements with the rhythm and beats of the music. The music is one of the important elements of the dancing fountain. Because Without any music the water fountain can seem plain and boring. Which will not be able to entertain the audience much longer. For the longer entertainment purpose, installing a good music system is vital. Music selection and programming plays a crucial role in creating a harmonious fusion of sound and water.

AtlanticPNF can help you build musical dancing fountains

Music and dance fountains are intricate creations that combine water, technology, music, and lighting to create mesmerizing displays. The fountains look magical in themselves. By mesmerizing thousands of audiences at the same time. The fountains add an entertainment touch in the public places. It is where people can enjoy themselves while they stroll around.

At Atlantic Pools and Fountains, we help you provide stunning dancing fountains. Whether it is for the park or the shopping malls. Anywhere it is for, our team of experts is here to guide and take charge of the whole process. Over the years, we have gathered the expertise to create beautiful dancing fountains. If you are looking to install Atecpool Musical Fountain, then we are the right ones for you. We will make the process seamless and hassle-free.

Contact us today for the installation to happen!

Our Product

Atecpool Musical Fountain

ATECPOOL RAINBOW Fountain Water fountain design concept is synonymous with graceful notion of dancing. With this fountain fundamental in mind, the concept design of the water feature is done, engineered at its best and delivered. The design by ATECPOOL Rainbow fountain aims to create the most pleasant visual effect of the combination of water and underwater multicolor LED lights. The overall performance to amaze every eyes falling on this magical water effect.

The individual DMX signal makes sure that LED lighting at its best illumination effects, Water Switches used to improve the uniformity of the spray height and the switching speed of the water jet and musical fountains controls by Syncronorm Integrated Control System.



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