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Swimming Pool Cleaning Techniques in UAE

Swimming Pool Cleaning Techniques in UAE

Various methods for Swimming Pool Cleaning Techniques in UAE are known. Some of them include backwashing and skimming the surface of the water. Others include the use of Liquid chlorine and MURIATIC ACID. Listed below are some of the methods that are used for cleaning the swimming pool. These methods may only be suitable for some types of pools.

Skimming the surface

Skimming the surface of your swimming pool is one of the best ways to keep it looking clean. You can utilize a skimmer net to manage larger debris, while a pool brush can work downwards to eliminate waste in the water. Always brush downward, as sweeping in two different directions will cause excessive friction.

A surface skimmer is typically made of precast concrete or plastic and has a curved mouth. It works by skimming water from the surface, which is then sucked into the skimmer’s water tank. It also features a weir that adjusts to allow a thin layer of water to spill over. The skimming action keeps a substantial portion of the water’s surface free from debris.


Backwashing as a swimming pool cleaning technique is an easy and convenient way to clean your pool. It works by reversing the flow of water through the filtration system, washing away dirt and debris without having to pick at sand or D.E. This method also helps to extend the life of your pool filter’s media. However, it is essential to note that backwashing is not a substitute for regular filter maintenance.

Before you start backwashing your swimming pool, turn off the power to the pool system. Next, turn on the Multi-Port Valve Handle, which is usually located on the ‘Backwash’ option. The filter cleaning process can begin when the Multi-Port Valve Handle is switched on.

Liquid chlorine

Liquid chlorine is a powerful tool in swimming pool cleaning. It kills harmful microorganisms in the water and controls the growth of algae. Add sufficient chlorine to the water to keep your swimming pool clean and algae-free.

Liquid chlorine is available in powdered or granular form. These can be poured directly into the pool, but most must be mixed with water. Observe the education on the package to ensure everything runs smoothly. Once mixed, be sure to sweep away any grains left at the bottom of the pool. A granular shock is also a good option because it’s easy to transport and comes in smaller packages. However, liquid chlorine is still the preferred method by most pool owners. It’s also refillable, so it’s a convenient option for Swimming Pool Cleaning Techniques in UAE.


Vacuuming your swimming pool is an excellent way to remove algae dust from the water. Unlike the skimmer method, the water does not return to the collection when you clean. Instead, it goes through the waste line and into the sewage system. This method also prevents the filter from clogging with fine particles.

While vacuuming, you must pay attention to your pool filter’s pressure gauge to avoid backwashing or breaking it. If you do not need to backwash the filter, you can use a leaf net to reach hard-to-reach areas. You may also want to use a professional-grade telescopic pole attached to the end of your vacuum hose. It helps you get all parts of the pool and eliminate debris. Remember not to move too quickly because it will swirl debris instead of sucking it up.

Cleaning out strainer baskets

Cleaning out strainer baskets in swimming pools is integral to maintaining your swimming pool. The baskets catch debris that can clog your pool’s filter. This debris can be easily removed by spraying the basket with a garden hose. The next step is to reconnect the basket to the filter. Once it is clean, turn the pump back on.

If you’ve never cleaned out the strainer baskets in your swimming pool before, you’re missing an easy way to improve the water’s quality. This task is simple yet vital for maintaining a healthy swimming pool. It also helps circulate water in your swimming pool and reduces the amount of chlorine required. You can find the baskets attached to the side of an aboveground pool or on the pool deck of an inground pool.

Adding winterizing chemicals

Before winterizing your pool, you need to check the pH level of the water. If it is too acidic, add a pH increaser to bring the pH level back to the correct range. You can also use a pH balance chemical to keep the pH level in check throughout the winter. It is essential to maintain a pH level between 7.2 and 7.6 to avoid algae growth and other problems with the water.

Winterizing your swimming pool involves adding chemicals that kill bacteria and algae. It includes a chlorine shock, phosphate remover, sanitiser, and pH and alkalinity increaser. These chemicals should be added to the water at night and left until morning. Saltwater pools may also require a saltwater cell.

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