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What is the definition of Swimming Pool Automation, and Why do I need it?

Some of our clients think swimming pool automation sounds technical and complex. However, this could not be further than the reality. Automation is an abbreviation for control. It’s the evolution in technology over the traditional timers for swimming pools and air buttons used to control your collection.

Controls for Your Swimming Pool

Automation allows you to push-button control over every aspect of your pool. It could be an electric remote, a wireless remote, or even an internet connection, such as an iPad, smartphone, tablet, or computer. Automation replaces the mechanical timer with an ordinary computer capable of turning the pool off.

Beyond the Basics

Automation can do beyond turning your pool on and off. If you want to, you can install “timers” to regulate the entire function that your backyard space has, which includes:

  • Lights
  • Heating system for the pool
  • Salt chlorinator
  • Water has many benefits
  • Landscape Lighting
  • Sprinklers
  • Plus!

You can program your pool’s lighting to turn on at dusk and off at night. With the affordable cost of LED lighting and the long-lasting nature of LED bulbs today, is there any reason not to have your ideal backyard pool all night long? It’s safer for you and your family members and lets you enjoy the nighttime beauty of your outdoor area.

Automation for the Water Features and Pool & Spa Combo

Spa and pool combos and pools that have water features can significantly benefit from automation. Have you ever had to take the nighttime trek through your backyard to switch your valves so they are in “spa mode”? Automation can stop this by allowing you to instantly change the valves of your pool’s plumbing in “spa mode.”

Water features can increase the evaporation rate and are notoriously responsible for increased chemical consumption and unwelcome noise. Many owners of pools tend to turn off accessories components for months at a stretch and then turn them back on during celebrations like holidays and events. It is not a good practice for your water features. It’s not just that you aren’t enjoying your water feature all year round, but you’re also allowing water to sit in underground pipes, causing green sludge accumulation. Suppose you cannot take advantage of this feature. In that case, automated water features enable users to use them only 5 minutes per day to ensure that they’re properly maintained to prevent the build-up of sludge.

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Automation for Salt Chlorinator & Heater

Automation can also manage your pool’s heater and the salt chlorination system! It can ensure that you’re saving money on heating expenses and keep your collection in the best condition for you and your family to take pleasure in.

In the present, there’s absolutely no reason not to be able to automate your life. What was the last time you entered your vehicle by inserting a key into the door to open it? It was probably quite a long time ago. Swimming automation of your pool is the same technology you can use for the collection. Yes, it’s a valuable feature, but it’s the most efficient that makes your pool ownership easy and green. For any queries or feedback regarding the automation of your swimming pool, please feel free to post them in the comments section below!

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