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High Tech Features of Swimming Pools

High Tech Features of Swimming Pools in Dubai

Atlantic Pools & Fountains L.L.C. wants more than a beautiful pool. They are looking for a backyard oasis that will bring maximum enjoyment with minimal effort and lower ownership costs. It’s important to find out about the options available for your new pool. These options can help you save time, money, and even water.
Atlantic Pools explains that the pool industry has many innovative features that automate pool maintenance, reduce utility costs and provide swimming-ready water without the usual chlorine costs, hassles and hazards.

Atlantic says that pool contractors and builders have seen a rise in demand for these bells and whistles. Ask your pool builder for “must-have”, high-tech options and design features.

1. Amazing L.E.D. and fibre-optic lighting with longer life spans and lower energy consumption that bathes your spa and water features in stunning, changing colours.

2. Quartz interior pool finishes and pebble swimming pools have a lasting, stain-resistant colour. This colour outperforms plaster old-fashioned plaster because it resists chips and mottling.

3. Ozone purification for economic purposes dramatically reduces the need for chlorine. It prevents red eyes, dry skin, hair and other unpleasant odours. It also ensures incredibly soft, clear water.

4. Saltwater sanitizing devices automatically generate “kinder, gentler” chlorine without the dangers of liquid and tablet chlorine. It effectively makes swimming-friendly water safe.

5. The oversize cartridge filter can be cleaned only once or twice per swim season.

6. Pool filters that have Microban product protection built-in will keep your filters fresher longer.

7. Pool cleaners that are energy-efficient and can be used to automate the tedious manual task of cleaning.

8. Two-speed controllers are used to manage pool cleaning and filtration systems. They can cut down on energy consumption by up to 50%

9. Remotes for handheld use that place control in your palm. You can operate multiple spa and backyard functions, including lighting, cleaning, landscaping, temperature, spa jets and spa jets.

10. Total pool management systems monitor and adjust the pH and chlorine levels of the water to continue to reduce the hassle involved in pool chemistry.

You can make your pool ownership easy and affordable by investing in time-saving technology now.

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