Swimming Pool Safety
Swimming Pool Safety for Children

Swimming Pool Safety for Children

Swimming in the backyard can be a lot of fun for the whole family. However, it can be dangerous for children. It is best to wait until your children turn 5 years old before you put a pool in your backyard. If you plan to build a pool in your yard, ensure everyone is safe and happy.

Your children should never be left alone near or in the pool. It is the first rule. It takes a second for a child to slip into the pool, and then they could drown. Remember to bring your child(ren) with you if you get a call or have to go back into the house. Children are extremely fast and can do a lot in seconds.

Always maintain a phone and rescue kit near the pool. You never know when these items might save your child’s or another person’s life. You can quickly reach someone in the pool using the hook. If you require additional help, you can use the phone.

A fence can be used to separate your pool and home. Children who drown in pools as young children often wander off from their homes only to end up in the pool.

Parents are often unaware of the danger until it is too late. Fences should be built around the pool from all sides. A fence will divide the backyard and pool. You can use gates that lock or close automatically. Be sure to keep your children safe by using low-height latches.

No matter if you have children or not, everyone in a swimming pool area should be certified in CPR to aid a child in distress. Always keep your child’s safety in mind. In an emergency, you can respond quickly. It takes moments to keep your life.

Don’t leave toys around the pool. To control children from going for their toys, take all playthings out of the pool instantly after they are used. Children will not want to find their toys and may search for them in the pool.

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