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How to Choose a Perfect Pool Heaters

How to Choose a Perfect Pool Heaters

There are three types of pool heaters: electric, solar, and gas. Although pools are most comfortable when the water is around 78 degrees, some owners prefer 80 degrees. A pool heater is essential to keep your outdoor pool warm. However, the sun can heat your pool. Pool heaters can increase your swimming season and permit you to assemble the most of your investment.

No matter what pool heater you use, you must have a cover for your pool. The pool cover acts the same as a stock pot lid. It holds heat in place, which makes heating more efficient. An insulating pool cover will reduce heat loss and keep your energy costs down.

Popular are gas pool heaters. They are cheaper than electric heaters and easier to operate. In addition, oil-fired pool heaters are available in areas where LP gas is not readily available.

Although electric pool heat pumps can be more costly, they also benefit. Swimming pool electric pumps are generally more expensive than gas, but they are cheaper to operate than gas.

In certain climates, solar pool heaters are a great choice. However, there are some disadvantages, such as the initial investment. The solar collector should have the same area as the pool to provide optimal heating. Many houses don’t have this kind of space. An electric pool pump is required to heat the pool water and return it to the pool.

It is essential to run the solar heating system continuously during bright, hot days. Turn the valve that connects to the solar panels off on cool days. Otherwise, it will heat up instead of cooling. This method is more efficient when covered with a pool cover.

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