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Measures to Make Your Swimming Pool Go Green

There are a variety of steps you can do to make your pool green. Utilizing chemicals to clean the water could be a costly and time-consuming option. There are also unwelcome adverse impacts. It is advised to wear protective garments and clean your hands thoroughly after you have used pool chemicals. Beware of inhaling chemicals, and take care in the event of a windy day. When cleaning your pool, it is essential to select the appropriate chemicals. Do not add chemicals directly to the water. Also, ensure you keep chemicals in a fireproof container and out of the reach of pets and children. It’s also crucial to store them on separate shelves and levels to stop the chemicals from entering the water.

Sodium hypochlorite

It can clean the water in your pool, eliminating non-living matter. It is a common method of shocking pools. The Sodium Hypochlorite solution is safe for all pools and won’t alter the calcium hardness or cyanuric acid levels.

Sodium hypochlorite gets absorbed into the water and breaks into a weak acid, which effectively eliminates pathogenic microorganisms. The effect it has on fungi and bacteria is more efficient than conventional chlorine. It can be added directly to the water and is recommended to remain in the pool for up to 16 hours to assure a balance between the pH and TDS.

The pH of the pool’s water must be in the range of 7.2 to 7.8. Anything higher than this will cause chlorine to lose its effectiveness. Sodium Hypochlorite is a little overdose of NaOH, which amounts to 1/3 ounce of sodium per gallon. It can also increase the alkalinity levels of the water to between 80 to 120 ppt.

The soluble sodium hypochlorite can be found in the sun and is a great option for pools with hard water. It is also possible to add it to the pool as a fluid, but it’s best added in the evening. It is recommended to add this compound into the water in the evening as exposure to sunlight can destroy the chlorine present in the water.

Calcium hypochlorite

Calcium hypochlorite can be a reliable and efficient chloride source. It is a high-concentration type of chlorine that is extensively employed to disinfect, clean and destroy algae. It also serves as a great shock agent for Swimming pool Cleaning in Abu Dhabi. But, calcium hypochlorite is extremely explosive. When ignited, it behaves as napalm which is dangerous for swimmers and the surrounding environment.

The addition of calcium chloride isn’t an easy job. It requires the time required for it to dissolve in water and must be carefully added to the pool. It is essential to note that the hardness of the water must determine the amount to be added. Before adding calcium chloride, it is crucial to determine the water’s pH and wear protective clothes.

The first step in obtaining an algae-free swimming pool is determining the source of the green algae. Certain pools turn green when the water is excessively acidic. It is typically due to an imbalance in the chemical composition. This chemical imbalance is an issue that can be fixed with water filtering. If you conduct the water test to determine the cause, you’ll be able to identify the cause causing that greenish color.

Based on the kind of algae depending on algae, the pH of the water will depend on the type of algae, and the pH of the water may vary. The pools that are light green or teal have low amounts of algae. It is why treating your pool with a double dose of calcium hypochlorite in every 10,000 Gallons of water is recommended. Applying 3 or 4 pounds of calcium hypochlorite for dark black or green pools is advised.

Sunni 800 Standard Cover Pump

It is possible to install a cover pump to keep the pool sparkling during the winter. These pumps are impervious to clogs and only require one moving component. They fit in regular garden hose fittings and a reusable mesh filter. They are also able to switch on as the water level rises automatically.

You can buy manual cover pumps or automated pumps. Manual pumps must be switched off and on whenever water accumulates. Some don’t have an electrical component and need to be operated manually. Automated cover pumps operate automatically and are activated when the water can enter the pool and stop when it has been completely empty.

The pool’s water may turn green when it’s polluted. Pollen originates out of nearby trees and then is carried to the pool by the winds. It isn’t hazardous. However, it can be visible as a green hue on the pool’s liner.

If you see the green color of your water, It is advisable to test it. Take photos and write about the state that the pool is in. Also, make sure to examine the copper and chlorine levels. If they’re not high, the pool could be suffering from algae. It is why it’s crucial to install an efficient pump to eliminate the problem in your water.


This process, known as super-chlorination, used for Swimming pools Cleaning in Abu Dhabi Cleaning in Abu Dhabi, is a way to maintain the water’s quality. It briefly boosts the free chlorine level over the normal pool levels. But it does not end algae growth or remove the chlorine smell emitted by chloramines. Therefore, it is crucial to use not to use super-chlorination unless necessary.

Super-chlorination works best when the pH of the pool’s water is higher than 7.4. If the pH drops to below 7, chlorine is more likely to dissipate and cause irritation to swimmers. Additionally, it could cause corrosion of equipment for Swimming pool Cleaning in Abu Dhabi Cleaning in Abu Dhabi. It is essential to follow instructions with care using a shocking mix.

A good amount for chlorine levels is 1.0 mg. A lower amount of chlorine could result in cloudy water. Furthermore, the higher levels could cause problems with the system and raise operating costs. Therefore, 1.0 milligrams per milliliter is the most suitable solution between these two. This setting aims to preserve pure water while maintaining the cost of operation at a reasonable level.

Super-chlorination is essential in the event of a pool is subject to severe pollution or is being used by a lot of people. It doesn’t reach breakpoint chlorination, but it increases chlorine concentration within the pool to triple or even quadruple the usual amount. It also assists in stopping the growth of bacteria.


If your pool is displaying the appearance of green slime, pollen is likely to be the cause. Pollen is made by plants and transported by wind. While it won’t adhere to the surfaces of water, it can be visible in the corners of your swimming pool. There are, however, methods to stop the entry of pollen into your pool.

In the state of Northern Texas, pollen is more prevalent from March to May. The highest levels of pollen are found in tree and grass pollen. Certain pollens can cause problems for those with respiratory problems. Pollen is difficult to differentiate from yellow mustard algae; therefore, knowing how to differentiate them is crucial.

The best method to eliminate pollen from your pool is to employ the pool filtration system, which runs continuously. It will remove pollen from your pool, reducing the time you have to clean your pool. Alongside eliminating pollen particles, filters in your pool will help keep your pool in the water’s chemistry and stop algae growth.

The most typical cause of green pool water is pollen. Apart from algae, pollen can create a situation where the water will turn cloudy. It is due to its binding to the waterline’s walls. It can also accumulate inside the skimmer or be blown into an edge or a corner of your pool. While it may seem to be an easy issue, however, pollen can cause harm to your pool and need treatment.


Chlorine is an essential component for Swimming pools Cleaning in Abu Dhabi. The amount required is contingent on the amount of water in the pool. Larger amounts of water will require more chlorine. It is also essential to have a cover for your pool to limit exposure to UV light and keep leaves from the pool. It is also necessary to consistently check the balance of chemicals in your pool.

Chlorine is effective as a disinfectant, however, only at a particular pH. The issue is when the pH isn’t within the range. If the pH is too low, chlorine won’t kill algae effectively.

Another reason for green water in a pool is the presence of pollen. The pollen is derived from plants in the vicinity. It is carried away by the winds and settles on the pool’s liner. Because the pollen particles are too small to be filtered by a typical filtering system, it may make the swimming pool water appear green. It’s crucial to be aware that pollen isn’t harmful; however, it can alter water’s chemical balance.

Additionally, metals in the water could cause your pool to change color to green. They can be introduced by many sources, such as non-treated copper heater elements, cheap algaecides and acidic water. If the metals remain on the water’s surface, they’ll alter the water’s color and turn the water’s color to green. It could damage the finish of your pool and permanently mark it. In addition, the metals in the water can color your hair and cause it to appear green.

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