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Types of Swimming Pool Equipment

Types of Swimming Pool Equipment

Swimming Pool Equipment in

Swimming Pool Equipment includes several different types of equipment to maintain your pool. These include Automatic pool levelers, filters, pumps, and timers. This article will concern the different types of equipment and how they function in your pool. You can also read our articles on filters, pumps, and timers.

Automatic pool leveler

If you are having trouble with uneven swimming pool levels, you should consider buying an automatic pool leveler. Different types are available on the market, but they are not all the same. A pool leveler has various features, such as adjusting the water level, the depth of the water, and several other features.


A swimming pool filter is an essential equipment that needs to be cleaned regularly to ensure the water remains crystal clear. Several filters are available, each with its benefits and disadvantages. The type that is right for you depends on the amount of clarity you want, your background, and your readiness to maintain the filter. Typically, a filter that is 5 microns or smaller will work best for your swimming pool.


There are a few things to believe when choosing a Pump for swimming pool equipment in Dubai. One factor is the amount of chlorine required. Most methods of adding chlorine use a pump to do the work. A swimming pool pump in Dubai should be able to maintain a level of chlorine that is at least 3.0 parts per million.


Timers for swimming pool equipment are a good way to control the time a swimming pool is heated or cooled. These devices are useful in both residential and commercial settings. However, they are not suggested for outdoor use. Therefore, it is important to have a garage or pool house for them to be installed.

Return lines

Regarding the swimming pool equipment installation, return lines are an essential part of the system. They carry water back to the pool after it has been filtered. Filters come in several types, including sand, cartridge and diatomaceous earth. The return pipe connects the filtration equipment to the pool and is usually made of PVC. The return piping should be free of cracks and leaks when installed properly. The return lines can run directly to the return jets or additional equipment.


Swimming pool equipment in Dubai that skims organic debris from the water is very important. It helps to reduce the number of floating corpses, dead insects, and other debris in the pool. If your pool has a plant bed, you’ll want to ensure you keep that vegetation several feet away from the water, reducing the number of times you need to use a skimmer.

GFCI outlets

Every piece of pool equipment should be equipped with GFCI outlets. They are an important safety feature that helps protect swimming pool users from electrocution and stray voltage. These appliances should be tested repeatedly and replaced every couple of years.

Solar heating systems

Solar heating systems for swimming pools are designed to heat the water within the pool. They are typically sized to cover 50 percent to 100 percent of the total area of the swimming pool. It means a 400-square-foot pool will need about 200 square feet of solar panels. A single solar panel measures four feet by twelve feet, while a set of four panels will cover 200 square feet.

Different Types of Swimming Pool Equipment



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