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Tips to save money for owners of pools

A luxurious pool in your backyard is among the smartest choices you can make for your home. Who doesn’t want to plunge headfirst into a custom-designed in-ground pool on a scorching summer day? A private pool can be perfect for gatherings, barbeques, graduation parties or staying cations. What can make having an outdoor pool more enjoyable? It’s saving money, of course!

Maintaining a pool could be quite different depending on the dimensions, materials, features, and design. With a few smart strategies, your pool will yield the highest value for your money. Are you yet attempting to figure out ways to lower your pool’s costs? With Shoreline Pools being the No.1 pool firm in the northeast, look over Shoreline Pools’ tips to ensure that the green stays from your pool and on your budget.


Water evaporation is the primary cause of water loss in a swimming pool. Based on the weather, a pool may lose up to 20 percent of its water to the process of evaporation. So, what’s the most effective method to reduce water loss? Automated pool covers.

Investing in an automatic pool cover can drastically reduce the amount of water lost and the time it takes to clean up debris. Covers for pools can even help regulate the temperature of your pool by providing insulation, thus decreasing the number of chemicals used.

Because pool covers prevent rainwater from entering the pool, These handy devices assist in maintaining the pH level, saving you costs on important chemicals. When you have purchased the new cover for your pool, ensure that you hire an experienced professional, such as Shoreline Pools, to install maintenance, service, and investment.

Keep up with MODERN parts.

Don’t be fooled by the long-term durability of the equipment in your pool. You’ll have to confront realities and replace old parts as time passes. A single of your most vital components is the pool pump. It is likely your house’s second biggest energy user after your air conditioner. Installing a more efficient pump could reduce your pool’s energy consumption by as much as 50 percent. While the initial expense of replacing the pool’s parts may seem daunting, the investment will provide substantial benefits over the long term.

Test your water frequently.

The prospect of waking up to a pool brimming with green water can be any pool owner’s most terrifying nightmare. You’re now forced to pour funds into new chemicals to eliminate this disgusting green mess. This costly solution leaves you wondering how to avoid repeating the same mistakes.

By testing your pool’s water often, you can maintain the stability of your pool’s water levels and address minor imbalances before they become serious problems. Test strips cost less than the shock formula it will need to kill algae. Thus, using these test strips daily keeps your pool in top condition.


Be aware of the time you operate your pump. Based on Consumers Energy, peak energy consumption times are between 2 pm to 7 pm. However, the energy consumed becomes more expensive. But, it is possible to reduce your energy consumption by running your filter out of peak hours. Yes, it will require extra effort, but your face will be brighter when you get the next bill for energy.

Be sure to look for any small leaks.

Leaks can be a leading reason behind water loss. In addition, these tiny cracks can damage other areas in the swimming pool, specifically when the pool owners do not take action to fix the leak. It is good to know that the source where the leak occurs is something you can do by yourself. You can determine where the leak is using an ink and bucket test. If you’re losing water but cannot pinpoint the source of leaking water, you’re likely losing water because of the evaporation process.

CUT POOL Costs All Summer LONG

Owning a pool can be an expensive but rewarding experience. The good news is that pool owners have an array of hacks and tricks that can lower the costs of maintaining their pool. Shoreline Pools is here to assist you with your pool’s construction, maintenance and service year-round. Let us help you make the perfect pool for your needs and reduce costs. If you have any worries, call us at +971 4 340 7787 to contact our pool maintenance experts.

low cost swimming pool design



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