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If you’re thinking about a new pool construction within Salt Lake City or simply looking to make improvements to your existing pool, there are a variety of styles you can adopt in the year 2018. You can give your pool a modern design with these elements that are certain to become your favourite this year.

The Hydrotherapy Jets were the Top Trends in Pool Installation in 2022

With hydrotherapy jets, you can enjoy the advantages of having an in-ground pool in your backyard, with the spa-like health benefits of the hot tub. Incorporating hydrotherapy jets into your pool’s design can transform your pool into the ideal spot for a relaxing bath. The force of the jets aids in relieving pain in joints and muscles. They’re ideal for relieving arthritis or for recovering from strenuous exercise. If the swimming pool has been heated, the jets will be more relaxing since the warm water will aid in relaxing your joints and muscles.

LED Lighting

LED lighting offers both functional and aesthetic benefits. Since the lights come in a wide range of sizes and colors, you can utilize them to show off your pool, enhance your garden, and create the perfect atmosphere for swimming at night. The lighting also makes swimming at night and navigating around the deck more secure. LED lighting has more power efficient than traditional lighting, which means you’ll be able to save on your electricity bill. This type of illumination is affordable to set up, so talk to your contractor for the pool about the possibility of adding it to your pool area.

Home automation is the latest trend, so there’s no excuse not to keep your pool uninvolved in these home automation upgrades. There are numerous ways to add automation to your pool, from automated covers heating systems to cleaners and heating. These features let you control the regular maintenance of your pool using your smartphone. As home automation tools continue to grow, Expect to see new automated features for your pool come into play.

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